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Stop being the bank for your customers and get paid faster! Ply offers qualified users an easier way to pay with NET 30/60 Terms so you don’t have to and get paid the same day.


What companies say about Ply

I appreciate all your conscientious work! I should have done this years ago, but thankful to finally have it done.
Power Cooling developed it's first digital catalog in the 50 year history of the business by taking an initial audit of the 12 separate warehouse location and providing guidance on warehouse management.
Power Cooling Logo
Lauren Larsen
CEO at Power Cooling
Worth every penny. It’s paying for itself in saved time and in lower costs of equipment, materials, and parts. 
One of our biggest challenges is finding replacement parts in a timely manner. If our local distributor doesn’t have the part, I would have to research the part online and make multiple phone calls. With Ply all of that is done for me and so far we are getting parts not only faster, but cheaper.
E&R Heating and Cooling Logo
Charlie Gander
Owner at E&R Heating & Cooling
I will recommend Ply to every plumbing company I know! You've helped unblock so many projects for us.
A fast moving commercial & residential Plumbing & Sprinkler contractor, Ply established a process for Enobrac to quickly request materials and manage and catalog the in/out-take using 'Buy & Manage'.
Dmitry Kozhukhoviskiy
Project Manager at Enobrac Plumbing
My time has been freed up in dealing with suppliers working with Ply.
My time is more focused towards working on the business instead of having to procure more. My load has certainly been lightened. I've gained about a half a day back some days sourcing materials.
Kool Energy Technology Logo
Karl Sampson
Owner at Kool Energy Technology


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