Managing materials has never been easier

Manage RFQs, inventory, and suppliers on one platform that automates replenishments, streamlines purchasing, tracks materials allocation, and provides actionable insights.

Manage and scanning materials with Ply

Materials + tools scanning and importing

Easily audit and manage existing inventory with our one-click scanning and pre-generated barcodes while importing existing pricebook and material list data using our direct integrations and easy importing.

Truck stock & warehouse management

Arm warehouse managers and field technicians with simple workflows to easily allocate materials to jobs, attach to invoices for job costing, and transfer tools, parts and equipment between locations.

Automated replenishments

Material replenishment lists are automatically generated, and a request is sent directly to a Ply dedicated purchase manager and/or suppliers, eliminating the need for the team to count materials manually.

Unified RFQ management

View all replenishment and project purchase requests in one place, including statuses, in-depth details, and who is responsible while automatically price shopping across existing and new suppliers.

Dedicated purchasing manager

Enhance the buying process with your dedicated Ply purchasing manager, who negotiates and augments your buying, negotiates on your behalf, and open up your supplier network. Yes, a real person.

Payments and funds flow

Optimize materials payments flow by having a single payment schedule while we take care of the rest, allowing for purchasing across any supplier in our network or yours and receive net-60 payment terms.

Other Features

It doesn't stop there...

Access 1M+ material SKUs

Access Ply’s materials catalog with over 1m materials across Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC businesses.

Set alerts and limits

Always have the material quantities needed by setting material limits and triggers.

Self-bid supplier automation

generate an automated link that sends to suppliers with request details to reduce human error and increase speed to quote.

RFQ Analytics

Gain visibility into savings, time to quote, and other data to improve your procurement process.

Materials Analytics

Forecast what's needed using Ply’s robust tracking, forecasting, and materials analytics to automate requests.

Materials Activity

Have complete transparency into every single action of a material to reduce human error, increase material job allocation, and visibility to all activity.


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Ply simplifies materials management and makes buying materials stress-free. Use Buy & Manage individually, or unlock even more potential by using them together.

Dave Wigder

Co-founder of Ply

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