Connect to products you’re already using

Ply integrations allow you to make better purchasing decisions, increase productivity, actionable insights, and proactive capital access monitoring.

Integration Benefits

The data you need to make the right business decisions

Funding monitoring

View proactive materials financing offers & invoice factoring opportunities with ‘Cash Collect.’

Materials data sync

Securely sync data to and from FSMs and accounting software when materials purchasing occurs.


Send underwriting data by connecting their accounts and receive funding decisions faster.

Materials forecasting

Understand historical materials purchasing behaviors to help influence future purchasing decisions.

Materials insights

Review seasonality, inventory usage, and materials market trend insights to make better materials buying decisions.

Intuitive workflows

Inputted data from FSM & accounting software can be used to create RFQ/Ps, saving time and human errors.

Available Integrations

Make your data work for you

Ply’s Integrations allows businesses to boost their existing business management and productivity stack without replacing anything and fills the materials gaps.


Seamlessly connect your bank in seconds

Choose from over 100 banks and connect directly to Ply, taking advantage of benefits such as expense visibility, cash flow insights, and underwriting for our financing products.


Sync accounting data straight from the source

Connect your accounting software to gain immediate cash flow insights, expense visibility, and a business profile that builds the trust you need for flexible funding and payments.

Field Service Management

Sync accounting data straight from the source

Connect your field service management platform to Ply and receive proactive insights regarding material spend over time, material cost breakdown, and supplier spend allocation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Integrations?

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team.

Ply offers one-click data integrations for your bank account(s), field service management software, and accounting software.

Ply uses your business data for several actions 1) providing cash flow analysis and forecasting to help make better material decisions 2) it’s used in our underwriting to provide the best financing offers 3) easily sync materials purchases and Ply data back to operations software you already use.

Yes! We take the storage and security of your data very seriously. We use data partners to ensure not only your data is safe but also that bi-directional data syncing has integrity. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected] or start chatting.

If you would like to disconnect any of your integrations, you can do so by: logging into your account > clicking on your profile icon > click settings > data integrations > follow the connection or disconnection prompts.


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