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Materials Management that Works

Managing and purchasing materials doesn’t need to be so complex, it just needs to be simple and it needs to work.

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Get Your Time Back

Reduce time spent tracking materials in and out of locations, allocating to jobs, and replenishing stock.

Save Money

Decrease material costs by expanding supply, auto-price shopping, and automating payment workflows.

Centralize Activities

Track all management activities and rely on insights to drive more proactive stocking and purchasing.

Receive Unlimited Support

Rely on your Ply dedicated buyer to assist with logistics, supplier communication, and network expansion.

How It Works

Audit and Import
Implement systematic examination of existing inventory and/or common purchases from an existing price book or catalog.
Manage and Track
Streamline inventory management by providing seamless scanning and intelligent tracking.
Set Triggers
Automate inventory control by defining conditions to trigger specific actions, such as low inventory notifications.
Send buy requests directly to your Ply buyer and/or rely on our project RFQ or inventory replenishment automation.

What Companies Say About Ply

I should have done this years ago, but thankful to finally have it done and we can search materials.
Power Cooling developed its first digital catalog after 50 years by taking an initial audit of the 12 separate warehouse locations and providing guidance on warehouse management.
Power Cooling Logo
Lauren Larsen
CEO at Power Cooling
Worth every penny. It’s paying for itself in saved time and in lower costs of equipment and parts. 
One of our biggest challenges is finding replacement parts in a timely manner. I would have to research the part online and make multiple phone calls. With Ply, all of that is done for me and so far we are getting parts not only faster, but cheaper.
E&R Heating and Cooling Logo
Charlie Gander
Owner at E&R Heating & Cooling
I will recommend Ply to every plumbing company I know! You've helped unblock so many projects for us.
As a fast-paced commercial and residential plumbing and sprinkler contractor, Enobrac leveraged Ply to set up an efficient material request and management process. They also used 'Buy & Manage' to catalog the the inventory that was going in and out.
Dmitry Kozhukhoviskiy
Project Manager at Enobrac Plumbing


See It In Action

Ply simplifies inventory management and makes buying materials a stress-free task. Use Buy and Manage individually, or unlock even more potential by using them together.

Dave Wigder

Co-founder of Ply

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