IntegrationPly Paymentss

A faster, more convenient way to pay

By integrating Ply Payments into your operations, you can reduce operational costs while taking advantage of our flexible payment options.

Ply Payments Benefits

A modern approach to materials buying.

Payment flexibility

We offer a variety of payment options, whether you’re paying in full, in net terms, or financing your materials.


Store and sync invoices, RFQs, and other relevant materials documents to projects for easy reference.

Buying power

Increase buying power by factoring your outstanding invoices with our Cash Collect product.


Offset upfront material costs to add cash flow predictability with our flexible materials financing options.

Dedicated team

Work with a dedicated team to complete requests, manage bids, and handle supplier communications.


Store your payment information and set preferences for easy, future materials buying.


Improve your cashflow predictability

Ply Payments provides contractors an easier, more convenient way to pay for materials from your chosen suppliers.

Direct Pay

Instantly pay suppliers directly

Pay existing and new suppliers for job materials in seconds while keeping track of expenses all in one platform.

Net Terms

Net Terms on your terms

Determine which net term offers make sense for your project by receiving multiple offers from existing and new suppliers.


Apply for materials financing with ease

Receive funding options from our financing marketplace and offset costs at a project level when you need it for materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about payments?

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team.

We’ve made the process of securing material financing incredibly easy. Here is how it works: 1) once you’ve received an RFQ and selected it, you have the option to choose materials financing as a payment option 2)The business information provided during onboarding will be used for parts of your application, 3) inking your bank, accounting, or FSM accounts will help us better understand your business and provide the best offers 4) once your application is submitted we’ll decide within 24 hours or less 5) in some cases, we may request additional information 6) once approved, funds will be disbursed to the linked bank account so you can purchase materials.

Ply offers three ways to pay for materials: 1) Direct Pay – credit card payments 2) Materials financing – Ply financing to purchase materials 3) supplier net terms – suppliers offer different net terms based on your business.

Ply works with a lending network of 90+ lenders, some of which are industry-specific. As a result, we’re able to determine which option is the best fit for your business.As we grow with you, we’ll continue to analyze and provide offers when you need them.


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