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An extension of your buying team

As an extension of your buying process, we support you with a buying expert and intelligent tools to ensure a seamless buying experience.
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buying benefits

Save money

Save time

Payments & financing

Increase confidence

Supplier network

Increase your materials purchasing confidence by being a dedicated buyer to your team.

Reduce time spent managing the buying process and sourcing materials while also cutting operational expenses.

Decrease material costs by allowing us to do the sourcing and negotiating on your behalf.

Expand your supplier network to maximize efficiency while building new, long lasting partnerships

Refocus your energy

Reduce errors

Ply enhances your buying efforts so you can shift your focus to growing and managing the business.

Reduce buying errors and missed timelines with a centralized system and full visibility of your materials.

Save time & money with Ply Buyer augmentation

available integrations

Make your data work for you

Ply's integrations allow businesses to boost their existing management and productivity stack without replacing anything and bridging any gaps.

cash flow

Digest buying behaviors over time

  • We reduce the time and oversight required by you and your team to source materials for projects, all while increasing your materials margins.
Request management

Maximize opportunity for savings

  • An assigned buying expert will enhance your buying team’s operations, ensuring a seamless process with cost and time savings over time.
supplier management

Streamline your supplier & buying management

  • We eliminate communication issues and supplier sourcing fragmentation by keeping all materials buying operations and suppliers in one place.
Frequently asked questions

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If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team.
What is Ply?

Ply is an RFQ materials marketplace, financing, and payments platform that reduces the overhead of managing, negotiating, and sourcing mechanical finished materials. Mechanical contractors use Ply by 1) creating a materials RFQ for a project or inventory order, 2) receiving multiple RFQ bids from suppliers within the ply network or your network, 3) selecting the RFQ proposal that makes sense for your business, 4) paying for the materials ordered through Direct Pay, proposed net terms, or one of our many financing options.

What benefits can I expect by using Ply?

Companies that use Ply can expect an increase in materials margins, a decrease in company time sourcing materials, and increased materials cost confidence. Think of us as an extension of your buying team working on behalf of and dedicated to improving your materials sourcing process.

What types of skilled-trades companies do Ply work with?

Ply works with mechanical contractors. However, we will expand into other trades in the future. If you’re not a mechanical contractor and want to use Ply or have questions, please reach us at: or start a chat with us.

What locations does Ply service right now?

Ply services New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut currently. We will be expanding to other states in the future, but if you service states outside of the ones we service currently, please feel free to reach out to us at: or start a chat with us.

How much will Ply cost me?

Ply charges a flat 1.5% transaction fee when an RFQ is accepted. The transaction fee will either be added or invoiced, depending on how the RFQ is structured.

What level of support can I expect when using Ply?

Ply is here to be an integrated partner to your business and strives for the highest level of customer success. Your company will have dedicated buyer support and several lines of communication, including live chat, phone, email, or text, to contact to our team in the event of an issue with the platform.

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